Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lets start the new year with a Meme, that i might of changed somewhat...

so there is a pagan meme going around, and to be honest it looks like it was written by a teenager with much glitter and whitelight, from americas (it was very northern hemisphere centric and given that i live int he southern part of the world i might of been somewhat miffed)  which i have to admit when i was a young pagan i would of eaten it up, and then gone in for seconds.. however i am not that person anymore.. so being the responsible growen up, i made a few changes.. teheh.  if you want to steel it, go for it say.. whee!!
i will put in actually content at some stage here.. in a few weeks or so, after lughnasadh camp mmk
Pagan Meme Mark II 
Do you have a magical Name?  Nope,
How long have you been a Pagan? Around 17 years give or take
Where you pushed or did you leap? Oh there was pushing involved and maybe some yelling on my part. 
Solitary of Group? Mostly solitary although there have been groups, open circle type stuff
What flavour of pagan are you? I’m an Eclectic Urban Witch if you want to give it a lable...
What is your Path? Witch, Teacher, Priestess,
Are you giving it your all? Damn yes! And some
Are you out of the Broom closet? Hell i can’t even hang my cloths in a closet, you expect me to get in one? Also in New Zealand because of the influence of Britsh English closets are where you keep your broom and other cleaning insundries, and toilets.. aka Water Closet.. Wardrobes are where we keep our clothes.. but that could be going into, too much random detail right?
How do you believe in deity? I come from the belief that people created deity, not the other way around, however i have also been known to work with individual deities...
Do you have a parton God and or Goddess and if so who are they?  No, not that i would call patron or matron, more like a balance of familiar energie that is male and female.  Ok if you want names, they would be Gaia, aka the earth, and a god with horns, which represents the universe. And a old spider that spins it all together.   I like balance.. well my style of balance. 
How did you find them or did they find you? Well give that i believe people created deity, i certainly didn’t go looking.. i guess you could say they found me after a fashon. Although i do wish that the old spider would not send her minions quite so close, cause i tell you trying to dry yourself after a shower with a HUGE spider on your towel, but then it certainly got my attention.. !!
How do you feel about other Deities from other Traditions and Religions? Given that we are all different and perceive much of the world in different ways, i do not have a problem with other religions and or traditions.. nor do i believe that any one is better than another.  For me it is about where it speaks to you.
Are you scared yet? Only sometimes, and of spiders
How do you perceive Nature? Nature is in everything, not just out in the wilds, it is also the city to, are we not animals, and is not the concrete that some pagans abore so much, a product of this earth, made from components that are of this earth?
Do you prefer the city, country, woods, mountains, ocean or Forest? some of each please.. oh wait i live in Wellington city, and am lucky to have some of each with in easy distance and in some cases in the middle of the city (a large hill called mt Victoria, that has a forest.. a small one but it is there)
In your practice do you work with animal or plant spirits? Yes and in a variety of ways.
Have you worked with the land? Now here in new Zealand this is somewhat important, especially as the land is inhabited with what i class as land spirits.  Also i have worked with the land in a physical sense and did gardening as a job for a year while i was a student.  Nothing quite like laying down on freshly turned earth.. oh apart from the spiders.. *sigh*
What about spirits of the land? Like working with the land in NZ asking permission of the spirits of the land to do rituals, and or magic is also important.  Obviously some places it is more important than others, so to speak.  And often you will get told/informed NO, however this is not the time to give up as you can also politely ask if there is a better place..   also i have found that NZ land spirits and spirit of the land to be inseparable, and subtle...
Do you hug trees? Even when people are watching...
Do you hug buildings? now that you mention it, i might have to give it ago and then compair and contrast with hugging trees
Do you hug strangers? sometimes
What is your favourite tree and or plant?  Pohutukawa and Kowhai ß these are New Zealand Natives.. pluss i have Kowhai blossoms tattooed on my back..
Does it all fill you would a sense of wonder and chills? Yup, almost every day!
Wheel of the year
What seasonal festival/celebrations do you most often celebrate? Samhain, is special as it is celebrated with Tribe, and Yule, because for us it is in the middle of the year...
What seasonal festival/celebrations do you find difficult to celebrate? Summer solctice, because it is so close to Xmax with all its weird winter iconography, and i have the hardest time making sense of it all. 
Do you realise that the earth is made up of two hemispheres and while it is Yule in the northern hemisphere it is litha summer solstice in the southern? Given that i live in the southern part of the planet.. then yes..
How would you celebrate seasonal Sabbats in a tropical climate? I do believe it would take me at least a year to figure out  and observed how their seasons worked.. beause i am given to understanding that their growing season is oft in what those who live in more temperate places would consider ‘winter’.. of course that would depend on where in the tropics a person is... it would also take a bunch of researching of plants, climate and the like. 
Have you ever worked with or felt the veil? Yes, i have helped a person cross over, so to speak.  Also this taught me that that type of work was not my path and i while i could do it, it would only be something i would do for tribe and family...thank you very much. 
Ever danced the Maypole? Actually not in the sense of ribbons and trees...
What does the Maypole symbolise? Dancing right?  *sniggers*
What is your favourite form or forms of divination? Currently i favour cards, i have the druid craft tarot, and the animal medicine decks. 
Do you work with astrology? I don’t really understand enought about astorolgy to really work with it.. its on my list of things to learn tho. 
Do you work with omens, if so how? Yes, and i work with them carefully and intuitively...
How do you see Spells working? by providing a focuse for the energy, as well as using the energy of plants, stones and bones that you are using.
How about one to banish a demon? That why i crochet in circles. 
Turned anyone into a frog? They were already a toad, so there was no point
Healing Spells? several
House spells? With the vacume cleaner.. thats ok right?
Do you prefer spells or rituals? Depend on the situation and what the reason is behind why i am doing directed magic in the first place..
Can you make me a love spell please? Sure, please hold this posey while running around that tree yelling very loudly how you love yourself and the universe.  Please put this sparkly hat on to... oh and these chaps....
Do you believe in Vampires? Not even the sparkley kind.. especially no the sparkley kind.  Although sometimes there are those people who i do find quite draining at times..
Do they sparkle? Bwahahahah.. only when you burn them
Werewolves? No
Shapeshifters? In what sense.. someone who travels the inner planes and can change shapes while there.. then yes.. otherwise.. not so much.
Elves? No
Faries? Nope  (no i will not clap my hands.. *frowns*)
Hobo’s? Yes and sometimes i get messages from said Hoboes..
Witches? Yes i believe in myself.. all good..
Dragons? There is that komodo dragon.. thats real..
Nymphs? No
Landspirits? After a fashon, i have often wondered if becaue of where i live and the belief in landspirits, i see what others would call faires, nymphs etc etc but call them land spirits... and spirit of the land.. *ponders this*
Flying ponies? Oh how i would love a flying pony...
Sprites? No
Mermaids? No
Satyrs? No
Fluffy bunnies? Now there used to be some on the roundabout by the airport.. these huge lop eared fluffly bunnies... oh those are not what we are talking about.. *grins*
Ever seen, talked or done magic with any of the above?  Yes and no
If so wanna share? Yes i have talked with land spirits when contemplating doing a ritual or magic in an area that i am not familiar with, or if i believe that i must ask ...if it is an area that i am family with i just check in, so to speak.  
Do you believe in guides? yes and know, do i believe they are all knowing and all seeing then nope, do i believe that they are separate entites, not so much, do i believe that they are there to help by providing perspective on what you are asking, doing etc etc.. then yes...
Do you have guides? the voices say yes and then duh//
When you meditate what does your inner-scape/world look like? Like a house with a large, nay HUGE library, and a HUGE but comfortable kitchen.  I’v had this place a long time and it has grown with me.  Reciently it gained a dedicated temple room..  oh and the whole place is round!
Do you believe in past lives? Its complicated.. lets just leave it at no and yes...
Were you Cleopatra in a past life? *bwahahahahaha* 
Do you believe in Soul Mates? in that can’t live without them, oh you complete me kinda way, then no
Any final words about anything really?  so i looked at the other pagan memeage that is going around and just couldn't leave fill in the answers, but wanted to do one.. thus i made this one, and stoll some of the previous memages questions.. and layout.. but then made up a bunch of ones i liked.. its like when i’m, cooking, just can’t leave a recipe alone..

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  1. Hellooooo!!!
    I love your blog, it's awesome! I got tingles when the picture of your altar popped up, it's beautiful!
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