Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Podcasts, the new black..

Standing Stone and Garden Gate Podcast Review.

Well i am currently yup to episode 4, and i have to say that it is going to be one of those podcasts that i recommend to my students, friends, and anyone who will listen. Why because it is one of those food for thought type podcasts. And yes it is a pagan podcast, but it is for the thinking pagan, good for those who are beyond pagan 101 of any flavour, there is theology, thinking, philosophy, more thinking, hedge witchery thinking, bardic songs and poems, and thinking.. did I mention the thinking and great food for thought!

Standing Stone and Garden Gate, hosted by Brendon Myers and Juniper, both Canadian with the cutest accents, and lovely to listen to which is always important when listening to podcasts.

The podcast has several sections all of which i was pleasantly surprised by. To start with there is a short introduction that includes what incense they are using that day what it is made from and how it is used. There is usually a discussion on what they are drinking, which so far has been wine, and mead, although I am confident that they will be drinking tea at some soon enough. During this there is also random discussion which is feels very welcoming, as though you are sitting there with them enjoying a nice cuppa tea and listening in. (although I have found myself joining in the conversation once or twice, to the amusement of my office mates)

There is also a bardic section, a section on philosophy called Standing Stone that is reminiscent of Deo’s Shadow podcast, philosophical sections and just lovely, I may of have mentioned before great food for thought.

I have to admit when i listen to the first episode i was concerned about the Rants Raves and Reviews, section as i was dreading that it was going to be more bitching about those disliked in the pagan community, however i was pleasantly surprised because this section was again more food for thought, and the first rant was about gossip. Juniper and Brendon instead of spreading gossip or bitching about the pagans, instead there was a thoughtful discussion about the harm and help that gossip can cause. With the second rant about pagan elders and pagan leaders, again excellent food for thought.

Juniper has a section called garden gate, where she looks at the more practical aspects of witching, and magic. I really enjoyed episode one with the discussion on house blessing, she gave a really interesting view on house energy, cleansing and blessing.. do I need to say it again.. really good food for thought..

There is also a fourm which I have not yet explored but will be doing so momentarily. Whee!

I am very excited about listening to the remaining episodes that I have down loaded and might be impatiently waiting for the next one to be produced. This podcast i recommend, and give it a 5 tea cup rating our of five tea cups.. *nods* it will defiantly be going on my list of recommended podcasts, Excellent Job Brendan, and Juniper *skips about*

And if you wanted to know below is my list of recommended good food for thought podcasts,

Druidcast (http://www.druidcast.libsyn.com/)

Elemental castings


Standing Stone and Garden Gate

The unnamed path,

Deo’s shadow (no longer in production)

Hedgefolk tails

All of these can be found on itunes, and all have their own website. Also it has been suggested by one podcaster, thorn from elemental castings, that it would be respectful if everyone paid $1 for each podcast that they downloaded. Even though these are free to down load, the podcasters themselves still have to pay costs for hosting, and their websites, not to mention recording equipment. and a$1 per episode is quite the bargin, cause many of them will for me become a part of my library*nods*..


  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful reconmendation!

    I will be adding your blog to the weblinks at Stone Gate, as well as over at Walking the Hedge.



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